Article on Star Wars’s inspiration from Dune

“Keep in mind that yin represents the Chinese idea of female energy, which actively draws male energy, not the Western idea of female energy, which just sits there looking pretty and hoping someone calls.”

Okay, so the quote has nothing to do with the majority of the article, but I really found the sources for one of my favorite books (Dune, not Star Wars) to be rather interesting.

Edit – I just lost some interest — in reading, the author makes a reference to the importance of color in Dune, and how apparently Frank Herbert only ever revealed that yellow meant danger (see “The Qu’ran”). Wrong, buddy! In Dune, Herbert writes that Chani was wearing green after her father died, “the Fremen color of mourning.” The symbolism the author of this article extrapolates based on the sociological basis of the Fremen (the Beduin) and the one color Herbert acknowledged (yellow) is invalidated by the outright meaning of green. For the Beduin, green is apparently connected to good things, as yellow is a warning — a green plant is a positive sign; a yellow plant is dying. Unfortunately, given the explicit meaning of green as a color of morning, his theory of The Qu’ran and Islam serving as an inspiration for the meaning of colors within Dune is clearly in error.

Edit 2: “Herbert” should not be spelled with a “y.”