Twitter Updates for 2009-01-25

  • @neilhimself Isn’t grooming yourself before the grooming people get there akin to cleaning your house before a maid arrives? #
  • Writing my review is making me feel very frustrated. #
  • How many hours do I have to wait after being told “she’ll call you back”? #
  • Cardiff will be getting taken care of on Wednesday, and should be gone next weekend. Bristol will have to wait for next month. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-23

  • I probably shouldn’t use whether my ID works as proof of my continued employment. #
  • It turns out that if your work email is lagged by over three hours, you miss out on a lot. #
  • gci -r | ? { ! $_.Mode.Contains(‘d’) -and !$_.Mode.Contains(‘r’) }
    Returns a list of non-directory/non-read-only files. #powershell #
  • Most popular question in the halls today: “Have you heard anything?” #
  • I need to completely review my mid year review before submitting it to remove all traces of bitterness. #
  • Mo is adorable when he isn’t making noise. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-20

  • At less than a pound in weight after ELEVEN WEEKS of live, RCA is still the easiest kitten to hold. She’s just the hardest to put down. #
  • 4 hours is NOT enough warning that you’re going to be expected to give a demonstration. #
  • I find the concept of a non-programmer discussing when he would like to encounter breaking changes inherently nonsensical. #
  • I should have just known it would be one of THOSE days. #
  • The word “cell” looks really odd when typed too often. #
  • The easiest way to get real code in your demo: write it yourself. #
  • Things might come together for the day, but couldn’t they have done it sooner? #