Twitter Updates for 2009-12-20

  • @scarywhitegirl Is that a comment in favor of getting Barbie, or opposed? #
  • @pfqrst You'll know they've become sophisticated when they start asking when wine starts being served. #
  • I am annoyed that Amazon will let me choose "Lego Star Wars," but not "Lego Star Wars The Original Trilogy And None Of That Prequel Crap." #
  • @DarthParadox You're absolutely right; their acting is merely plasticy, not wooden. But I still want something from the original trilogy. #

Twitter Updates for 2009-12-18

  • @cytherea You lost about 50% to wedding planning. Where did mine go? #
  • Is resisting the desire to say, "I told you so." #
  • Finds it disturbing that the middle-of-the-day "Dr. Oz" show today is on depression, including the symptom of not being willing to go out… #
  • @pfqrst I'm planning on having Pam-recipe chocolate chip cookies; we're out of wine. Good luck finding your zen. #