Today’s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic…

I didn’t get to go to that one, though. Mandrina’s employer’s local managers picnic was yesterday (I’m sure it had a more clever title). I was invited (at the last minute) to go, so I took a half day and went to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. Pretty-ish park, too large to have to walk […]

Never open your mouth at work, Part II

So following on yesterday’s “What am I getting myself into?”, I had a meeting yesterday evening, during which results of some performance investigation I did last week were discussed. Everyone was very surprised by the results — despite my having posted all the results last week for everyone to see — including a summary. So […]

Never open your mouth at work…

So about a month ago I told my managers I was considering leaving the group — not because I didn’t like the people or the type of work, only because I didn’t feel I was getting to program (true) and there was very little in the way of advancement possibilities (also true). Apparently that stirred […]

My father is occasionally terribly useful

My dad mentioned this random puzzle game he’s been doing in lieu of the NY Times Crossword (my mother’s the one with the language skills). It’s a Japanese game that’s taken off — it’s not a math puzzle, despite it’s appearance. It’s called Sudoku, and I have no idea how it’s pronounced. Obligatory wikipedia link… […]

First real meeting with Charles

Charles, of course, would by my apparent real estate agent — okay, “our” real estate agent. I wasn’t terribly favorably impressed with him initially, but since then I’ve had occasion to send a few dozen emails back and forth — this guy isn’t even sure he’s going to be our agent (his company doesn’t do […]

Promise of future posts…

There’s a backlog of entries that need to be posted: Romanian trip! Random thoughts on being an Evil Genius (I promise, it makes sense) Mortgage stuff Life

What’s this site running?

So I think it’s interesting what pieces I cobbled together to get this site running… WordPress is the primary software Multiply, a multi-user plugin that kinda works for WordPress a bit of hand editing .htaccess — mostly RewriteRules. a bit of hand editing of the siteurl option setting for WordPress Time Patience Luck And special […]

Hello, world!

The world’s most appropriate first post.