Nintendo Wii: First Impressions

I really should give up and add a Wii Category to my blog. It’s right over there on the right hand sidebar (yay WordPress!). I just don’t want to cave; I don’t have a Category for most of my other interests; Mandrina gets her own Category, but I’ve managed to avoid adding even a Cat […]

Where to buy Wiimotes and Wiichucks (Wii controllers)

As previously mentioned (I’m too lazy to add a link to the previous post), I picked up a Wii yesterday in the form of the CostCo Bundle, including The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Excite Truck. In the tradition of gaming consoles of recent memory, the Wii only ships with a single controller. Admittedly, […]

Wii Hunting

Shhh… be vewy vewy quiet. I’m hunting Wiimotes… It was, admittedly, funnier in my head. Still, you should laugh; I’ll wait. This post is about how weak I am. How easily I cave. How unable I am to withstand temptation. I admit it up front. The Nintendo Wii was released on Sunday. Mandrina and I, […]