I just went to clean off my white board (dry erase). It has notes from yesterday’s laborious explanation of the under-the-covers functioning of CoCreateInstance, so that my intern would hopefully be able to solve his own problem without my help (it didn’t). I picked up the same eraser I used to wipe off the same […]

Different places, different work styles

Within an hour, I asked two coworkers to provide either myself or our shared lead with information related to the performance of someone I’m responsible for (my intern). The guy who’s been with the company for a few years immediately told me not only what he had asked, but the context, and his impressions. The […]

Most obvious way to debug a problem

Read the error message that the nice program provides for you. If the error message says that the operation failed for a reason… CHECK THAT REASON. Don’t say “duh” until you no longer do it.

My life is officially a non-event.

Less than two weeks from today I hit my five year anniversary with my employer. I’ll cut so you can avoid my whining here.


I’m filling out my annual review form at work. We have to fill it out by EOD today, according to management, so they can have “calibration meetings.” They have to be sure not to give us a compliment unless everyone else agrees I deserve that compliment… (The real story is even more sordid. Stack ranking, […]

Some help for the struggling programmer

#define sizeof(x) rand() you can do that? Yup OMFG! That’s disgusting! — qdb After Jonathan’s post yesterday, I decided that I can pretend to be as wise as he is. So, now I present to you, my list of the first things that come to mind when I’m working: Corollary to Jonathan’s item vi: One of […]


Do I tell my intern that those are my PERSONAL books and I’d rather he didn’t WRITE IN THEM, or do I just requisition replacements?

Competency, just a bit of competency…

I came across a bit of code earlier today, and thought it was nice and creative; it uses the new lambda expression syntax to create methods that delay hooking up event handlers. Then I discovered that this code was only necessary because the entire architecture was flawed. Now I have to go in and correct […]

At which point do I just become a subcontractor?

Apparently, it’s not enough for me to quickly debug his work, and establish where the error is, as well as provide the callstack. I’m supposed to find the exact line of code that’s going wrong, who checked it in, why it’s wrong, what should be done, how errors are propagated…

Credit for work

How can I politely tell either a) a coworker, or b) my manager that said coworker really should be crediting me on every checkin he makes?