How I Accidentally Torched My Wife’s Blog, and How I (Mostly) Recovered It

  Let’s rewind a year. My wife’s first published book is in editing. We discuss her need for a professional author’s website. I take a look at what I’m paying for Windows hosting with Arvixe, and think about how irritating it’s been and how many things I can’t control, and how their service has been […]

Congratulations Mono team!

Having spent an undue amount of time in compiler-land over the last four months, I have nothing but respect for a team that acknowledges the shortcomings of their architecture, and so REWRITES IT. Congratulations on the new release, mono team!

Powershell Powers, Activate!

Yesterday, I had a problem to solve. I didn’t want to stay at work until 9pm, waiting for another team’s process to publish a file. (Grossly simplified, but you get the idea). I also didn’t want to log in from home at 9pm in order to wait for it to happen (I did that the […]

Everyone makes mistakes

I had a problem with a piece of code last night. An apparent infinite loop without apparent cause. Because I’m working on in-development tools, though, I couldn’t even go to disassembly. I sat and stared this morning at the offending code, knowing I must be missing something. I finally went down the hall to grab […]

Was I too mean? (long, rambly, and techy)

I recently transitioned my blog from a LAMP stack at (who I was happy with) to a Windows/IIS7 stack at (which was cheaper, and more importantly, Windows-based). At both locations I had multiple domains registered with the same account.

Consistency is key

On top of the aforementioned SERVER ERROR 500 issue occuring because I didn’t specify a USER_AGENT that matched the white list, I’ve been spending the last week trying to track down exactly why I couldn’t upload a file. I used the stock GalleryRemote program (isn’t sufficient for automation purposes) to test my server, and it […]

What do you want your Server do?

Partially as a learning exercise, and partially because I’m a money grubbing greedy bastard, I’m trying to come up with a clever extension to Microsoft Windows Home Server. Unfortunately, I already had pretty much everything I needed on the base installation; I had originally installed it purely to have a system I could hook up […]

Retroactive tagging

I’ve spent a few minutes today going back through over two years of posts and tagging them “appropriately.” The new version of WordPress supports tags, and I’ve always wanted a Tag Cloud (left hand column — see that bit with varying sized pieces of text?), so… So there have been a TON of updates today. […]

REQ: Help from the programming types

I could post this to a programming discussion list. However, I’d rather not look like an idiot to anyone who doesn’t already know me to be one, at least at first.

Again, jaw hanging open, but this time in a good way.

I get rather alarmed at work when I’m told that someone’s idiocy is to be expected, as they’re: new, young, inexperienced, poorly trained, etc. I just expect better. On the other hand, every so often I run across something truly brilliant, and feel humbled (Any book by Don Box). Today, I ran across “Duff’s Device.” […]