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It’s not in my best interest to have this in the plural…

Math error

I’m sorting through wedding response cards (oh, what fun!). It’s not that bad; given that I’m inviting people to what amounts to a destination wedding, a roughly 50% acceptance rate is okay in my book — most of the people who couldn’t come I’m not terribly surprised — other, closer friends weddings, the cost of

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Valentine’s Disaster

Disaster, from the words meaning “bad star.” That’s from some book I read at some point somewhere. I’m picturing Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash,” with the Librarian┬ácommenting on how he’s a “sucker for non-sequitors,” so that’s likely. It’s also completely unrelated to my point. Most of our money and time is currently being focused on this

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Ghetto charging

I’ve finally established that Mandrina would prefer that I shave more frequently than closer — so back to the electric it is. I still haven’t found my power cord, so I’m looking just to replace that. Apparently, that’s the most expensive part of the razor. Buying a new charging power cord for the razor would

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Where to buy Wiimotes and Wiichucks (Wii controllers)

As previously mentioned (I’m too lazy to add a link to the previous post), I picked up a Wii yesterday in the form of the CostCo Bundle, including The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Excite Truck. In the tradition of gaming consoles of recent memory, the Wii only ships with a single controller. Admittedly,

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I win!

Mandrina celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday — no, that’s just the hangover talking, it was two days ago. When I told my parents a few weeks ago what I had bought her as a present, the response was a great big stunned, “Huh?” They just couldn’t grasp that Miss I Love Designer Shoes would absolutely

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