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It’s not in my best interest to have this in the plural…

Ain’t she sweet!

So I paid for a joint expense, with the agreement that Mandrina would cut me a check thereafter to reimburse me for her share. She handed it to me this morning while we were driving to work (after which point I had my tire go flat, so I was a bit distracted). I finally got

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What a life…

So I haven’t posted in a few days. I’ve been busy with loads of exciting things. I have some pictures, which I’ll put up eventually. In the meantime, however, here’s the summary: 17 hours spent at the Opera. What, might you ask, would require anyone to sit through SEVENTEEN HOURS of Opera? And not just

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Road [Plane] trip!

So last week Mandrina moved out of her apartment. I, of course, assisted… way more than I was originally supposed to, but I’m sure she’ll thank me later. *waits* Okay, way later… While she’s leaving, I insist on checking her mail, which she hasn’t bothered to even glance at since, well… end of June we

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Idol thoughts…

Mandrina has decided at the last minute to compete in another karaoke competition — she really needs for these things to be scheduled better. But she made it through the first round with ease — admittedly, so did everyone else there because there weren’t enough people for a competition that night. However, tomorrow night is

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First real meeting with Charles

Charles, of course, would by my apparent real estate agent — okay, “our” real estate agent. I wasn’t terribly favorably impressed with him initially, but since then I’ve had occasion to send a few dozen emails back and forth — this guy isn’t even sure he’s going to be our agent (his company doesn’t do

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What’s this site running?

So I think it’s interesting what pieces I cobbled together to get this site running… WordPress is the primary software Multiply, a multi-user plugin that kinda works for WordPress a bit of hand editing .htaccess — mostly RewriteRules. a bit of hand editing of the siteurl option setting for WordPress Time Patience Luck And special

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