Hello, nosey people!

In the process of updating my résumé, I realized that in this increasingly Facebook-social-networking time, people might very well take the presence of a personal domain in the email address of an applicant as an invitation to look at their life.

Go ahead. Feel free. I mostly write about my cats, it seems, and I haven’t had a chance to update in over a year.

For the record, my cat is awesome. I’ll take a 5% pay cut in exchange for being able to bring him to work with me each day (not really).

(I’ve also managed to accidentally trash my theme while trying to update my WordPress installation… but really, you shouldn’t be thinking about hiring me to do visual design, anyway. You should hire Albert Lee of Yellow Devil Designs.)

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Random Notes From a Random Day

  • Passing a bus on a highway is easy. Trying to pass a bus before you get to a particular exit can be more challenging.
  • The vending machine supply company has caught on. We now have two full rows of chocolate-frosted Hostess Donettes in our vending machine. The one half-row sold out every week.
  • The generic burn-aid cream in the first-aid kit in the kitchenette smells funny.
  • The largest sterile gauze pad in the first-aid kit in the kitchenette is just about the right size for the burn on my left forearm.
  • Running a 5k after only two weeks of physical therapy requires me to make an increase in the quantity of ice packs we own.
  • Watching Doctor Who lends me a weak British accent at random points throughout the day.
  • I have two lunch meetings tomorrow. I’m going to eat at the first one (with a friend), and perhaps snack at the one featuring my new boss.
  • Mandrina shaved four minutes off her 5k time in her first race on Saturday. I added four minutes to the time from my last race. The universe likes balance.
  • The single-serve “iCup” vending machine in the kitchenette provided a hot-cocoa tease today. It cycled, and then… nothing. I used the other iCup machine, and got my cup of coffee.
  • I have a lot of work to do this week.
  • I have now almost set up a photogallery so I can upload any of the oodles of pictures I’ve taken over the last five years.
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-06

  • How long do I have to wait for the other party to call in for a teleconference before I can just throw in the towel and go on with my day? #
  • @cytherea I went with ten minutes. No one else called in. #
  • Three weeks ago I was looking forward to the meeting that was about to start. An opportunity to shine, etc. Now all I want to do is skip it. #
  • @pfqrst But November is over! #
  • After 7 hours, my 12 hour maximum strength Mucinex starts wearing off. #
  • Drunk Frisbee Golf on Wii Sports Resort? Okay! (I'm the little-bit-drunk one.) #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-05

  • One of my coworkers doesn't think I can make it 72 hours (down to 70 hours now) without losing my cool completely. He may be right. #
  • What drink goes with Italian (eggplant parmesan, I think), black and white cookies (none to share, sorry), and wanting to kill coworkers? #
  • (The euphemistic kind of "kill", obviously.) #
  • (I'm not stupid enough to Tweet any intended homicides. I'd just change jobs instead.) #
  • (Note to self: Update resume…) #
  • I don't want to know what my wife thought I was going to do when I pulled my wallet out to get my work ID out. I fear it would be expensive. #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-04

  • Watching my wife play Wii Sports Resort Plus Swordplay is EXHAUSTING me. #
  • @pfqrst Drive safely! #
  • I planned on rewatching ALL of Chuck before next Sunday's season premiere. I can only really watch at work. 35 episodes/5 days = 7 per day. #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-03

  • @pfqrst *drool* #
  • FPSes are clearly not intended to be played with a touchpad. #
  • @bolthy The forces of the Steam Holiday Sale clouded my mind! in reply to bolthy #
  • I think Portal would be a bit easier if I was using a mouse. #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-02

  • My cat missed me enough that he kept purring while I was using him as a free weight for exercises. #
  • FYI: I previously fostered Paint It Black, and even named the little dude. #
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Twitter Updates for 2010-01-01

  • @scarywhitegirl Yay Black! He had always been a little clumsy, but I'm sorry he's turned into a special-needs kitten. =( in reply to scarywhitegirl #
  • Waiting to board JFK-SEA. Increased security precautions? Not very increased. #
  • Since when has 4-H been involved in science, engineering, and technology off the farm? I've never seen robotics at any 4H exhibits… #
  • Glitch has forgiven my absence. He sat on my lap, whined until I put him down, stalked to the front door, and was waiting when I came back. #
  • @bolthy Really? Wow. I would have rather joined 4H than Boy Scouts… don't they have girls? #
  • @scarywhitegirl That news warms my little Black heart. #
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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-31

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Twitter Updates for 2009-12-29

  • I was going to upgrade my parent's finicky Vista machine to Win7, but the DVD drive doesn't work. Upgrading to Win7 would fix this… #
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